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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Collecting Kennedy Halves

The price of BU rolls of Kennedy Halves has risen sharply over the past few years. Two examples are the 1983P and 1986P, which are approximately $90 and $120 retail. Putting together a complete set is becoming more and more costly.

There is an alternative which is both economical and eye appealing. In the old days we called them "commercial UNCs" and "sliders", today trying to be as accurate as possible, they are referred to as Ch. AU-BU.

These are coins that to the untrained eye appear to be Brilliant Uncirculated and indeed do have a great look to them, but do have a touch of wear. Since they are stain-free and with a very minimum of bag marks, they are great for building presentation and gift sets.

The cost difference is large. The same 1983P & 1986P rolls are $52.50 and $67.50, and the best part is they should appreciate in value proportionately as the BU rolls.

We only stock the better dates and the other dates are still available at reasonable prices in BU. Look over our inventory at WCSDEALS: Kenndy Half Rolls .

As a special incentive you can take an additional 5% off 3 rolls or more, or 10% off on 10 rolls or more.

Remember you can ship up to a 100 rolls for the same low rate of $8.10 plus insurance.

If you have any question just send us an email at

Chuck & Nikki


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